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Wireless Works by Cambium Networks

May 19, 2021

Wireless Works by Cambium Networks hosted an engaging virtual discussion with Frontera Consulting and Aeronet Wireless Broadband focusing on FWB vs WIFI MESH.

In this podcast, we are talking about wireless technology and how we can use it. Traditionally wireless has been known as a WI-FI connection when it can also be used to deliver multigigabit backhaul in wireless broadband technology. With new technology exceeding gigabits speeds in wireless broadband, wireless broadband can be considered a fiber equivalent, but at a fraction of the deployment time.

We have two guests joining us today that are experts in the wireless broadband and WI-FI markets. They have experienced the joys and frustrations of designing and employing end-to-end networks from cloud to smartphone.

Drew Lentz - Co-Founder and Lead Solution Architect for Frontera Consulting

Gino Villarini – Founder and CEO for Aeronet Wireless Broadband